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2010-03-27 14:23:50 by The-Phoenix-Wizard

Hello everybody I know it's been since October since I submitted anything, but rest assured, I got some projects in the works.

First a small little Two Reel Short for April Fools day.

Second, the second episode of our new seires. (Now with a name) Called Western Warriors.
It's about five friends and what they're doing after graduating high school, in the town of Western.
The Halloween Special this year was the Pilot Epsiode. Although it slipped through the cracks here on Newgrounds, it got good reviews on deviantart.com.

So to make this blog shorter and more blunt.


1: April Fool's Day Flash

2: Western Warriors- Feline Shenanigans

3: A Si and Tails230- Not another Smoking Movie.

This is what's happening with Two Reel Productions.